All pets need love, attention and exercise. That can be difficult to provide when you are away at work or on vacation. This is where the staff at Muddy Paws comes in! We take pride in the care that we provide to your pets. We understand that a pet is much more than just an animal, and are considered a part of the family! We take care of your pets as if they were our own, giving you peace of mind knowing that your beloved pet is being given exactly what they need.


Muddy Paws was originally created because of a love for animals. Everything that we do is driven by the idea that every animal needs and deserves the BEST possible care that can be provided. Seeing the excitement we bring to not only the pets we work with, but the owners we work with as well, makes everything we do so worthwhile! We love making connections with everyone we meet and get the opportunity to work with! We truly believe that pets bring out something very special in all of us, and getting to share that with our clients is what we love! All of us at Muddy Paws are animal enthusiasts that take pride in the level of care we provide. 

Meet the Owner

Kaylie Smith

I started Muddy Paws because of my passion for animals. Ever since I was a little girl, I preferred to spend my time outside with my plethora of pets. As I grew up and was asked what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, the first thing I would tell people was that I didn't exactly know, but I knew I wanted it to have something to do with animals. It really clicked when a friend of my family asked if I would start walking their dog a few times a week while they were at work. I knew then, that this was what I wanted. I have many, many years experience working animals big and small. I have owned many dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, chickens and even pigs! I have experience working in an emergency veterinary clinic, where I became certified as a veterinary assistant. My love for animals continue on to this day and I am so happy to be making a difference in the lives of many!


 Dog Walks (30 and 60 minutes available)

  • Exercise and socialization 
  • Love, attention and play time 
  • Picture and message updates after each visit

Potty Breaks/ Drop-In Visits (15 minutes)

  • Fresh water and feeding of breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Affection and play time 
  • Picture and message updates after each visit

Feline Visits (15 minutes)

  • Fresh food/water
  • Change kitty litter
  • Bring in mail and water plants
  • Turn on or off lights accordingly
  • Picture and message updates after every visit

Large Animal Care

  • Feeding/watering
  • Turning in/out
  • Mucking of stalls
  • Picture and message updates after every visit

All rates are dependent on location,

needs for medication, temperament,

and number of pets. All animals are

different, and have specialized needs.

Prices subject to change after initial

meet and greet has been completed.

Please contact for quotes.


I am so pleased with my first experience with Muddy Paws. I needed someone to watch my two golden retrievers for Thanksgiving holiday. Kaylie gave them the best time they could have asked for! She is very sweet, and has a genuine love for dogs. I will definitely be utilizing her services again! -Ken P.

Kaylie has taken great care of our dog for the past 3 years. She is prompt to get back to our request for assistance and almost always finds a way to fit us into her schedule. Living on a small equine farm surrounded by pets, her love of animals is evident. She has cared for our dog for a week, a long weekend or just an overnight. We consider her our dog's God Mother at this point!!! -Larry M.


It is our pleasure to get to know you and your pet!